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TG1400 Series Thermoforming Granulators

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TG1400 Series

Thermoform Series Thermoforming Granulators

Thermoform Series Granulators are ideal for inline processing of thermoformed scrap. The TG1400 Series units are part of a family of thermoforming granulators that are designed to process a wide range of materials. Our granulators are robustly designed and have the built-in capability for continuous or cut sheet scrap reclamation. Expertly designed infeed systems ensure smooth processing of materials from startup through full-speed operation. Turn to the experts in size reduction to find a granulator ideal for your specific application needs.

Selected Features


Technical Specifications

  • 3 knife TwinShear™ rotor standard for efficient size reduction
  • Deep welded and precision machined cutting chamber for the toughest production jobs
  • Pneumatic actuation system for hopper and cradle opening supports safety
  • NEMA 12 controls
  • 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8” screens
  • Safety interlocks
  • Sheet feed hopper
  • Machined, bolted cutting chamber for simplified cleaning
  • Easily removable screens in drop-down cradle for quick removal and maintenance
  • Custom infeeds
  • Up to 100 horsepower
  • Custom feedrolls and paddle wheels available

The TG1400 Series offer reclamation of thermoformed, extruded scrap, sheet, web and edge trim. Model sizes include 14x56 and 14x62, both provide heavy-duty construction and quiet operation.

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