Sterlco TC120 Temperature Control Unit

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SMP Series

Sterlco® TC120 Series

Temperature Control Unit

The Sterling Sterlco® TC120 Series Water Temperature Control Units provide highly accurate control for production applications requiring a continuous supply of temperature-controlled water.
Innovative design promotes turbulent water flow to maximize heat transfer performance. High flow pumps with 32°F to 250°F (0°C to 121°C) setpoint operating range. The cast-and-flange design reduces connection points by 40% while including high-efficiency pumps that offer higher flow rates at lower pressures. These highly efficient products maintain temperatures to within 1°F of setpoint, allowing for tighter temperature control and improved throughput.

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Technical Specifications

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  • Compact design with easy-access side panels for rapid maintenance
  • Programmable auto vent sequence to automatically vent air from the system at start-up
  • Independent high temperature safety thermostat to protect from heater overload
  • Motor branch circuit overcurrent/overlead protection
  • Integrated cooling solenoid valves for efficient unit cooling
  • Forward-facing liquid-filled To and From Process pressure gauges
  • 9kW dual circuit immersion heater with IEC contactors
  • Operator friendly PID temperature controller with Process and Setpoint LED readouts and straightforward unit performance data
  • Graphic control panel with indicator and warning status lights
  • Adjustable low supply water pressure switch; 16 psig (1.1 bar)
  • 150 psig (10.3 bars) pressure relief valve
  • SICB/carbon pump seal to maximize pump life
  • 0.75” water supply connection, 1.5” process connections; valve size matches drain size
  • Quick cool for rapid unit cooling
  • Advanced M2C Controller
  • 12 kW, 18 kW, or 24 kW heater options
  • Maintained START/STOP switch
  • Closed loop heat exchanger, model varies with unit sizes
  • General fault audio/visual alarm to alert operators of unit issues
  • Pressure regulator/relief valve for water supply
  • Auto system water purge
  • Y-strainer to protect unit from high particulate fluid
  • 300°F (149°C) operations, includes silicon carbide/silicon carbide seal (requires 55 psig (379 kPa/3.8 bar) water supply pressure)
  • Non-fused lockable rotary through door disconnect
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