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OA Series Gravimetric Auger Blender

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Gravimetric Auger Blenders

OA Series Gravimetric Batch Blending System features precision auger metering of all ingredients. They should be used if more than one regrind is required or when difficult and hard-to-meter materials will be used.

Each OA blender features machined metering augers, precision load cells, cast aluminum feed auger assemblies and heavy-duty industrial design. The OA Series offers superior batch control and reliable feeding of difficult materials.

Selected Features


Technical Specifications

  • PLC-based control system with color touch-screen interface, English or metric display, 8’ cable, serial printer port, and 3 entry modes:
      1. Percentage recipe entry - Ingredients metered as a percentage of the batch.
      1. 8-component “EZ” mode recipe entry - Color and additives metered as a percentage of the virgin.
      1. “Parts” mode ratio recipe entry (i.e. 500:1)
  • Precision auger feeding of all materials with constant speed AC gearmotor. Variable speed is optional
  • Precision .02% span-accurate offset cantilever load cell
  • Convenient compressed air clean-out hose with blowoff tool
  • Drain tube below each feeder housing for quick draining
  • Target versus actual set point verification
  • Safety-interlocked access that shuts off both air supply and electricity if blender is opened
  • Alarm output
  • Hopper lids arranged for Sterling receivers and loaders
  • 12” high extension for major ingredient hoppers
  • SCR variable-speed DC drive motor in lieu of standard constant-speed AC motor
  • Material shut-off gates above feeder housing
  • Mezzanine, drum-fill, or gaylord-fill blender stands
  • Stainless steel material supply hoppers
  • Agitated straight wall regrind hopper with gear motor
  • Low-level solid-state proximity sensor for each supply hopper
  • Low-profile drawer magnet (3 bar)
  • Vacuum take-off boxes mounted below the floor stand
  • Premium aluminum spool mounting flange with drain port, 8” x 8” square
  • Clean-out doors in spun material supply hoppers, including safety grate or lock-out safety switch
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