Continuous Loss-in Weight Blenders

Sterling-GH-F Series

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Gravimetric Feeders

GH-F Series Gravimetric Feeder adds colorant or other free-flowing material to your extrusion process, based on a self-calibrating controller that makes recalibration unnecessary and eliminates the overfeeding that typically accompanies volumetric feeders.

Selected Features


Technical Specifications

  • Precision 0.02% span accurate weighing system
  • Field-mounted proximity switch for extruder speed pick-up
  • Aluminum and mild steel contact surfaces
  • Serial printer port
  • DF-1 communications port
  • Surge hopper with reload valve
  • Square mounting flange for machine-mount
  • Touch-screen remote control system
  • 3” (76mm) OD discharge opening
  • Extruder following circuit
  • Hopper lid arranged for Sterling receivers and loaders
  • 115/1/60 supply voltage
  • Customer-specified mounting flange
  • Special voltage
  • Supply hopper lids cut for other vacuum receivers or loaders; cut-out pattern only 1
  • Ethernet communications port
  • GH-F Series Additive Feeders are continuous loss-in-weight systems designed to work with continuous operation extrusion lines only
  • Any use other than with factory-approved extrusion applications is not recommended and may void any warranty, return or refund claims, implied and otherwise stated
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