Beside-the-Press Granulators

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SMP Series

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Auger-Fed Granulators

Auger-fed granulators feature a low profile design with an exclusive screen drawer and hinged lid, which provide complete chamber access for quick, easy cleanout. The slant chamber design provides tangential feed from 3 plate molds, robots/sprue pickers, or parts separators. A full range of options are available to meet a variety of scrap recovery needs.

Custom engineering and design services are available to analyze and provide specific designs when necessary, such as arrangements for robot or separator interface. Our fully equipped Customer Service Laboratory is available for testing and application assistance.

Selected Features

Typical applications: scrap recovery

Throughput: 175-450 lbs/hr


  • IEC motor controls installed in ergonomic NEMA 12 enclosure
  • Sequenced starting with individual start/stop pbs with status lights
  • Auger reversing drum switch
  • Hinged chamber access lid with clear viewpoint
  • Gear reducer and chain/sprocket auger drive
  • Multiple V-belt rotor drive
  • Electro-mechanical interlocks for chamber access
  • Full range of guarded infeed chutes to suit applications
  • Auger speed is 70RPM torque applications
  • Leg extensions
  • Oversized collection bin
  • Bin level monitor
  • RPM counter
  • Scissor cut knife arrangement
  • Wear/abrasion resistance
  • Reduced auger speed
  • Increased or decreased auger length
  • Standard or custom engineered auger
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