Aftermarket Service

  • Cumberland Aftermarket Service.

    Customers can be confident that their
    after-sales needs will be quickly and accurately met

  • Aftermarket Service
    Technical Support and Training
    On-site Service
    Product Repair/Refurbishment

Aftermarket Service

Cumberland has a service network across the United States and in several key international locations. We are focused on having the right people and products in the right place to keep our customers running efficiently. To request service, please call or click here.

On-site Service

On-site service and support is available to provide regular maintenance and emergency service.

Technical Support and Training

Cumberland provides expert technical support and training, allowing customers to get the most out of their production environment.

Parts Support

We have thousands of parts in stock, ready for same day shipment. Specific wear parts are kept in stock for for key customers. Parts customer service representatives staff our automated call distribution phone system, ensuring you get the part you need - when you need it.

Product Repair/Refurbishment

Extend the life of your investment through factory repair and refurbishment, bringing your equipment to near-new condition.

Aftermarket Service Example: Granulator Rebuild

  • Granulator rebuild technician specifically trained on refurbishing used granulators
  • Rebuild technicians supported by granulator assembly technicians, as required
  • Example shown below is a 3263 granulator before and after rebuild

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