ACS Group is a leader in the Plastic Auxiliary market. The Auxiliary market is a broard topic that touches all types of processes. It plays a more important role in the overall production process than ever before. There has been much advancement in tooling, screw design, and molding machines over the past 15 years, resulting in greatly improved productivity. Today, those processors with newer machines (post-1990) have fine-tuned their machines and matched screw designs to the resin being processed. These processors are now looking at auxiliary equipment as a critical part of the optimizing operations and most importantly of increasing profit margins. These leading molders are finding that matching and integrating the right auxiliaries to the process provides a good return for each dollar invested.


Today’s processors are looking at networking and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software for managing their process and demonstrating control over the process to their customers. ACS is working with our customers to find more effective ways to:

  • get material into a facility
  • monitor inventory
  • storage solutions to reduce a machines footprint
  • how to prepare it for processing
  • how to cool and control temperatures in the process to reduce waste
  • post production removal of finished products
  • how to handle sprues and runners
  • how and where to handle extra for grind
  • how to use regrind material

ACS works with their customers to find creative solutions for problems using auxiliary equipment in new ways for more purposes.

ACS Group is committed to product design and development to help manufacturing companies reach their full potential in saving time and money. ACS Group offers a variety of product lines to meet all of your auxiliary needs.